Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Making Cookies Tonight!!

...or eating some, at least! Monday, I failed my 1-hour Glucose test for Gestational Diabetes which meant Wednesday, I had to take the three-hour one.

This is why I hated the 1-hour test: It involved drinking this gross sugary drink they CLAIMED tasted like oranges in five minutes and after one hour, they took a phial of blood. That, of course gave me a bruise on my arm because of my ridiculously hard-to-find veins. This is all fine and dandy except I had already done this entire test the week before BUT the idiotic nurse did not know which form to fill out and then tried to get blood (a half-hour late I might add... on a timed test) in four places (she only stuck me twice but had to dig around) and in the end, did not file ANY paperwork, so the test was never even done.

This is why I hated the 3-hour test:
It involved drinking this gross sugary drink- twice as potent as the one before but the same size- they CLAIMED tasted like Sprite in five minutes. I had to go in fasting. It required me to give FOUR phials of blood at one hour intervals. The nurses were good and used the littlest needle, but I only have a couple of places to draw from; one of which was already bruised from Monday so I ended up leaving the place looking like a pregnant junkie! It's a nice look.

The good news is:
I PASSED so I don't have to change my diet to keep the babies healthy! My cookie cravings can continue guilt-free! Thank goodness.


Sarah said...

You should have called, or sued - one of the two :)

Chellers said...

I would have been SOOOO mad! Definitely sue. ;)
I also did the three-hour test with this last pregnancy (which came back normal) but it was awesome because the nurse put me in a nice dark room in a reclining chair and I took naps all morning between drawing blood. Surprisingly relaxing.

Stephanie said...

I just hate all those pregnant junkies :)

Trishelle said...

Bethany!! You are pregnant! With TWINS!! I just discovered Rachelle and Peej's blog today and saw a link to your...which revealed your great growing family news.

I really, really hope you are able to sleep comfortably at night. If there is anything we can do to help you at all, please let us know!

Rachel said...

I failed the first test too! I have to get that second one done and am not looking forward to it. *Sigh*

Comeaus said...

I also had to do the three hour test, fasting was the worst. Glad you survived and passed!

Cicada said...

I loved the drink so I didn't care about going back for my second test. Also, my doctor's office had instant results. None of this drawing blood nonsense. They just pricked my finger every time and we knew right away what the results were. I don't understand why some offices actually send the blood away to a lab!

The bad part, of course, is that I found out instantly that I failed, so I can't satisfy my cookie cravings.