Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A True Red, Through and Through

Did anyone know Paul has been scouting for Manchester United? Yeah, really... well, he didn't actually get PAID for it... but he was recognized by the official site. Click HERE!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Laugh Festival

It was Paul's birthday on Saturday and he wanted a cheesecake so I did the true wifely thing and BOUGHT him one (I know, huh). We had a little party with just the 5 of us and played PAUL BINGO... I put little pictures of all his favorite things on grids and we drew slips of paper out of a basket. He won! Here is the picture Abby took of him blowing out the candles. Hmmm. Abby is growing up to be such a funny girl. She loves playing with the cat and her siblings and sometimes goes a bit far. Also, has anyone else noticed how much of her "baby look" she has lost in the last few months? She really is growing up and reading and knows what and octagon and pentagon are and writing and drawing really well and trying every new food she can enthusiastically and lavishing us with thank you's and I love you's for everything.After afternoon naps, Paul put the babies down and they just started this half-hour laugh fest and I couldn't wait to get it on camera!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Need a New Look

Here is "the Kate Gosselin" on me. What do you think? Yeah, so it's pretty much the world's worst "do". Why don't you try it here?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Seven Months

I know you're not supposed to compare your children, but it's hard not to when you have 2 the same age. They still continue to be so different. Liam likes to plop down in one spot and play with piles of toys very loudly while Lily just recently (as in the last few days) learned to sit with the help of her Auntie Carrie. Lily usually prefers to scootch around on her belly... she gets all the way up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth and then lunges... and usually loses ground. It's hilarious. Liam can be on his belly, but is not ready to go mobile yet. Abby was more like Lily by 7 months.

There is one thing that all of them have (have had) in common at this age and that is their Graco Lights and Sounds Walker- my life saver. Abby just LOVED it and the twins take turns in it everyday. Thank goodness for small little things that keep everyone happy and sane. Oh and Liam got his first tooth last week. It came with a lot of fussing and a few days of fever that later turned out to be Roseola when he broke out in a rash... poor little guy. The last couple of days, he's been the happiest he's ever been. Let's hope it's smooth sailing... for a while anyway!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How Cute is This?