Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer School

Abby misses school so much, she decided to start her own. She has two mostly disobedient pupils who sometimes play along with her. She usually has more success with Lily as Lily pretty much wants to BE Abby when she grows up and will sit for long periods of time just to have Abby read her a book. Liam cares for all of about a minute before he's off to the next thing... typical boy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day/Paul's Birthday

Well, Paul was able to stretch this out over a few days. Saturday, we all had breakfast at Sonic (he missed it in Utah where we had one just a few blocks away). Then, on Sunday, Paul got the cards the kids made for him and this frame we all worked on. Abby actually helped out a lot with the sanding and photography! She is just growing up WAY too fast!Click HERE for the deets on how we did it. After church, we had my family over for dinner and dad opened his gifts. I love how my dad is still a kid at heart. Carrie shops for him and Abby at the same stores! Then we sang to Paul and ate my Banoffee Pie Cupcake Tarts where the whipped cream totally fizzled out and they looked horrible... but tasted okay. Note: Do not make banoffee pie cupcake tarts in the future! Then we played this Croquet/Football game in the back yard which was fun because we had an extra obstacle: two babies trying to steal and throw our balls around after we kicked them! It was a really nice day. Then, yesterday, we went and saw "The A-Team" which was, by the way, a really fun flick. That's it! I am so grateful for all the men and father's in my life that have helped and continue to help and guide and teach our family. We truly are blessed in this day and age that both of our families are still together. What great examples for our children!

Friday, June 18, 2010

One of the Many Reasons I Love Lily

Today at lunchtime, there was a little something left over from breakfast on her tray and she touched it and said, "Gross" while wrinkling up her little nose! BTW- this St. George's Cross ribbon tee can be found at The Paper Pony...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One of the Many Reasons I Love Liam

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation and Choir Performances

I cannot believe it! Time goes by too quickly and Abby's first year of school is over! Yesterday, she graduated Kindergarten. I know, I know; You don't really have to DO anything to graduate Kindergarten, but the kids love it and it makes the end of their first year so special. The parents were a little rude jumping in front of each other for the photo ops so I had a really hard time trying to get good photos. Her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cassidy, gave a talk that had me in tears from the beginning! The kids sang a really cute song and recited a little poem- Abby had been practicing for weeks. Afterward, there was cake and congratulations.That afternoon and evening, Abigail had her choir performances at the 5th grade promotion ceremony and the Jr. High School Graduation respectively. The kids looked so cute in their matching polos and hair accessories. What a great experience! Abby looks mad in a couple of photos- unfortunately, she's like me and frowns when she is in deep concentration. She really is a mini me!Today was the last day of school and I will soon pick up an official First Grader. This morning we brought Mrs. Cassidy the GIANT thank you note we made her and little gifts for her classmates.
You can find out how we made them HERE. We are starting the tradition of going out for treats on the last day of school... let's see... are we in the mood for smoothies? Ice cream? Bakery goodies? Also, I created a little questionnaire for her to fill out; I will have all the kids fill it out- the sane one- every year so we can see how their answers change and/or stay the same throughout the years. I'll post the answers when we get them. Well, it's time! We're off to get our girl!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Was Your Morning?

After getting Abby off to school (this is her last week!) wearing a long-sleeved shirt and windbreaker- on June the First- in California (what?), the babies and I had a fun morning. Lily has REALLY been into puzzles lately and just LOVES them. She is very good at them as well and practices all the time. She gets really frustrated with Liam when he is too slow or tries to put his piece in the wrong place. He doesn't care so much and prefers to look at books, learn new words (there's about 7 or 8 things he says and the rest are just variations on the words he already knows) or- his personal favourite- and mine, cuddle. He just gives the best hugs! They both love to sing and dance- Lily has already made up actual songs! Our favorite is "Abby Abby Oh Oh". They can also keep each other busy and often give each other fist bumps, hugs and kisses as well as play Peek-A-Boo, Chase and Ring Around the Rosies. Oh, and my personal favorite- when one escapes the corral, they pass the remaining kid contraband from the outside that they quickly try to hide and ruin at the same time knowing it's just a matter of time before they get caught! Having twins is really amazing. Most children can only do side-by-side play until they are about 3 years old. It fills my heart to see my children play and laugh and work together at such a young age. As far as June goes, the weather makes Paul happy, the children are happy and that makes me happy!