Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Master Bedroom

First of all, can I just say how incredible it is to have a Master Suite? As in, a bedroom that can fit a King-sized bed, a bathroom with double sinks (great for bathing the twins at the same time) and a walk-in closet. Amazing! So it started out that horrible dual-tone colour; complete with tape still on the molding and splatters everywhere... really a sight to see.
Then, for my birthday last year, my dad painted the master bedroom green (I can't leave Mom out- she did all the prep work). It took a couple coats of primer and 5 coats of paint to get rid of that red. It was one of the best birthday gifts I ever got.
So, finally, we moved in and these last photos are just our stuff as we put it in... nothing fancy and it will change but I thought everyone might like to see it anyway. We love it and so do the kids... a little too much sometimes.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Growing Like Weeds

I cannot believe my little babies will be 5 months old in a couple of days. They are both reaching out and grabbing for things... like each others' hands to gnaw on. Lily was the first to roll on her side a couple of weeks ago, but Tuesday, Liam actually rolled all the way over to the delight of his oldest sister. They both are drooling like maniacs and are struggling with teething although they have yet to actually cut a tooth. Abby cut her first tooth at 4 months so their time is coming. They moved out of our closet and in to their own bedroom because they now only wake one time in the night at about 3:00am. Not too bad. Abby continues to be the best big sister in the world and tells how happy she is to have babies everyday. We are getting settled into our new home slowly but surely and feel so blessed to have such a lovely place to raise our little family.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Made It!

It has been a long time between posts and a lot has happened! We packed up and moved being the main one... all the way to California. I'll give the abridged version of our crazy trip that took a whopping 22 hours on the road over 2 whole days; a trip that would take two adults about 10 hours, but with a moving truck, infant twins and a 5-year-old, things took a little bit longer. In a nutshell, the move included: walkie-talkies, Abby peeing in a cup, screaming bored babies, rain, a hotel stay in Truckee, getting turned away for not having chains at Donner (it was only raining), going back to Reno for chains, getting help turning around by some of Nevada's finest, getting back to the pass and NOT needing chains, In-N-Out Burger, Mom crying, and help from Dawn and some nice folks from our new ward unloading our stuff.
Now, we are finally here and mostly unpacked; settling in quite nicely thanks to so many people in Utah and California. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and have such a nice home in which to raise our little family. Abby tells us everyday how happy she is to live in our new home. I'll be posting some before and after home shots soon. Until then, here are some photos of the kids.