Friday, December 28, 2007

How to Make a Snow Angel

We finally got our new computer up and running so I am finally updating! Here's a how-to video we made last week:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Something Funny ...

I know everyone receives those annoying emails that only contain forwards, but occasionally there is a funny one amidst the trash. Here is one that my boss sent which gives a funny insight into the differences between men and women.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ask the Jedi Master

Just so you know, Yoda doesn't know everything. I won the opportunity to have a talking Yoda at our house until a future game night in which I shall have to defend my right to keep him. The advantage of having Yoda live with you is that you may ask him a yes or no question whenever you are faced with a dilemma and he will search the force for the truth and answer. Abby loves Yoda and has been conversing at length with the little Jedi Master. Yesterday, they got into a bit of a squabble; Abby asked if she will like her presents on Christmas to which Yoda replied to the negative... three times in a row. Abby hung her head and covered her face with her hands and started to whimper. She has recently learned to fake cry so we thought nothing of it until she looked at me with tears streaming down her face (now in full distress mode) and cried, "Yoda said no!" and dramatically ran into my arms wailing. Paul and I reassured her that she would, indeed love her gifts and that Yoda was fake and didn't know anything. Sometimes, we forget how real everything is to her. Now, she has learned that persistence is the way to go with Yoda as he will "change his mind" about things if asked often enough... "When 900 years old you reach, answer as well you will not!"

Also, our desktop went the way of the world so I have no new photos for the time being. Our new one will be here this week. Yea!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some Enchanted Evening

Yesterday, I took Abby to see, "Enchanted" with her preschool buddies dressed-up in full princess attire. When we got there, the kids were so excited they just ran around in circles squealing until everyone else arrived. It was hilarious. The movie was surprisingly good with many nods to previous "princess" movies but I just could not get past McDreamy's crazy hair! The girls were obsessed with Giselle's crazy cartoon hands but Abby's favourite part when I asked her was this little obscure part at the beginning (cartoon mode) when this troll is trying to eat the heroine. It's just soooooo her.

When we got home, and our little darling was put down for the night, I watched another lavish Disney musical... "High School Musical" to be exact. I've been dying to see what the buzz is all about. It was really fun first of all... cheesy and squeaky clean but the biggest downside was the casting of Gabrielle, the main chick. She has this fake baby voice, she's a terrible actor and worst of all... Oh My Nasal Voice! That really was the worst part, but it did not TOTALLY ruin it for me. Paul LOVED the choreographed singing and dancing basketball practice routine (I hope everyone picked up A BIT of sarcasm there). I won't be buying the soundtrack, but I think the movie itself is too fun to pass up!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Little Helper

A couple of years ago, I bought a bunch of Christmas garland for really cheap, but there was so much of it, I never really found a use for most of it. This year, I bought a hula hoop at the dollar store made a wreath with all the unused garlands and it turned out really well. Abby helped me make it and do you know what? She really helped; as in, she made things easier! I KNOW!Today she had a birthday party to go to and she had such a great time. The invitation said to come dressed-up so that was the best thing ever according to her. She was so excited to give Aaliyah (ultimate Mormon name) her gift and the only thing that was more exciting than that was the snow!!! Our first one of the season. Abby insisted we walk (luckily it's only a few houses down) and had so much fun stomping around and catching snow flakes on her tongue. At the party, she made her own pizza, went on a treasure hunt and got a tiny My Little Pony, helped blow out the candles (a-hem) , ate cake and made her own ice cream sundae. What an awesome party for a little girl. On the way home she said, "Next week I can go to Aaliyah's house and help her play with the weird Kelly doll (what we got her)." It wasn't a question. She is also going to help her other friends watch "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" and help me eat the cookies I got at the Cookie Swap last week. She really is a very helpful child.