Monday, March 29, 2010

We are STILL having technical difficulties with our computer... and even adding photos so here are some older ones. There is not much to report. We had an AWESOME Hello Kitty birthday party for Abby on March 6. I did a little stint in the hospital. The good news? I don't have cancer. The bad news? They still don't know what's wrong so I have to wait for a specialist to accept my case or for Paul to get his big promotion- whichever comes first. Lily and Liam are learning new things everyday and can even do small commands. They are building their vocabularies... Lily is our little talker and tries really hard to say anything you ask her to. She can say, "Abby" perfectly and practices about 100,000 times per day- whether or not Abby is actually there or not.They are developing that hearing disorder... you know the one; apparently 100% deaf when you are saying something they do not like such as "don't jump on the couch" but suddenly develop super-human hearing when you are trying to sneak up on them as in to catch them to put them down for a nap. When I try to get them to say "Mama", they both giggle and say, "Dada!!" They like to save "Mama" for when they're hurt or need something. They like to share- sometimes and love to sit in the same chair and rock until it nearly falls over. Lily prefers mostly savory food while Liam is pretty much a hose that will suck in anything... that means ANYTHING. Abby continues to do very well in school and gets very obsessive about all things They Might Be Giants. I mean, OBSESSIVE. She also joined the school choir and is excited about that. She is mini-me. Here are some photos from a couple of months ago. I hope to update sooner rather than later this time.