Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anything for Grandma

Here are the matching hair girls!

My dad decided to take Abigail to Honk’s $1 store where it's "Always an Adventure" for some bonding time. He told her she could get one thing and when they got there, she quickly decided on this paint set and carried it around the store as they continued down the other isles. He tried to interest her in other things, but when her mind is made up, that's it; she was getting the paints. When they got to the isle with the mugs, she thought of Grandma, got excited, and really wanted to get her one. Grandpa reminded her her she could only get one thing. I can imagine the dilemma as she looked at her beloved paint set and then the mugs and then, finally, decided to put the paints back as she said to Grandpa, “Anything for Grandma!” Grandpa got teary at how sincere she was (he’s getting emotional in his old age)- she hadn't even considered asking for both; she just decided she would rather give something to someone than get something for herself. Of course, he quickly broke down and said she could get 2 things so she get the paints as well as the rooster and sunflower mug she picked out for Grandma. When they got home, Abigail was so excited to give Grandma her mug. Her excitement was precious. Just when you think you've failed as a parent, your child goes and does something like this. She really is amazing (and, for the record, so are my parents).


Stephanie said...

Ok, that is to cute!

Sarah said...

As embarrasing as it is, I am a little teary-eyed myself! That is too cute. (I am blaming the tears on the pregnancy)

Sarah said...

76 DAYS!!! oh, i'm so excited for you!