Friday, June 27, 2008

From Abby's Point of View

Abby's friend, Darcy, tagged her for this "interview" about her mother (that would be me) and here's how it went:

What is something mom always says to you? “No and yes.”

What makes mom happy? "Huggies and kisses."

What makes mom sad? "Making all the messes."

How does mom make you laugh? "Tickling me."

What was mom like as a child? "Calm." (Yeah Right!)

How old is mom? "Thirty." (Not bad at all)

How tall is mom? "10!" (I am a ten!)

What's mom's favorite thing to do? "Washing the dishes."

What does mom do when you're not around? "Sit on the couch and hug the babies."

If mom was famous, what would she be famous for? "Naughty things." (Hmmmmm)

What is mom really good at? "Eating and hugging me."

What is mom not really good at? "Bending down." (Ain’t that the truth)

What does mom do for her job? "Looks at the food at the store and turns on lamps."

What is mom's favorite food? "Soup." (Can you guess what's for dinner tonight?)

What makes you proud of your mom? "Because her blue eyeballs are like me."

If mom was a cartoon character, who would she be? "Ariel."

What do you and your mom like to do together? "Read and eat food."

How are you and your mom the same? "We both like to read."

How are you and your mom different? "I’m short and she’s tall. I look like my Daddy."

How do you know mom loves you? "Because she hugs me and tells me."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We knew it!

I went to the emergency room on Saturday due to some yucky contractions. I was also feeling really shaky so we decided to go. It turns out my blood sugar was a bit high (maybe because of the fact that I ate nothing but cookies for breakfast?) and I was dehydrated. I really don't understand that one because it seems like all I do is drink and pee... guess I just have to drink and pee MORE. I was told not to do any lifting or housework (dang it!) and to lay down as soon as I feel the tightening... and to lay down as often as I can period. They did a check to make sure the babies were okay and I had the coolest sonographer ever. He was really funny and let me look at things we weren't specifically told to (such as their sexes :)) and for longer than he should have. He was intrigued by them being twins. So... are you curious? Drum roll please...

and a GIRL!!
Here's the money shot!
That's right, we're having one of each and are so ecstatic- especially Abby who immediately said, "I knew it all along! I was right!" Now we're off to argue about names. We just can't keep calling them baby a and baby b OR baby boy and baby girl, can we?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

No pics yet, but at least everything has settled down a bit around here. Paul's Brother and his wife stayed with us for a week and the day they left, I found out my Grandma had passed away. Not wholly unexpected but difficult none-the-less. Abby and I flew out to California Monday night to help with the preparations. The funeral itself went well (I was asked to give the eulogy and only broke down twice... both times she lost children... that's what you get for asking the hormonal pregnant woman to speak, eh?) My grandma was an amazing woman who led an extraordinary life. I saw family I hadn't seen in years. For Father's Day, Paul, Abby and I went to the beach (about 2 hours away) and that evening, we went fishing with my dad. As usual, Abby caught the first fish. Then, I tried to bait my hook, but the worms were just so gross. Abigail picks one up and says, "Here's a good one, Mommy." I did catch on though... a bass... but dad took it off the hook and let it go. Then my Mom caught a little perch and after dad took it off the hook, Abby felt it and she grabbed it and through it back herself. Yes, I have been shown-up in the toughness department by a 4 year old.

I have to say though, I am so happy to be home. Paul came out to the funeral on Thursday and we all drove home together Monday... all day! Never again will I travel until after the babies are born. It was excruciating and I have never been more glad to be out of the car!