Saturday, September 27, 2008

The End of an Era

Well, that might have been a bit dramatic. Today, Abigail and Paul had their last football class of the year. Abby was excited because she came home with a medal, a brownie, yellow candy and a certificate. Paul was excited because, even though he sacrificed watching a Manchester United game for it (that's a BIG deal), United still won their game. I was excited because they brought home an egg McMuffin for me. But seriously, this has been such a great experience for both of them and the big coup for Abby was making friends with Avery... the girl who brings her own pink ball. Abby had her eye on it since day one and finally, after making friends, they shared it. What a funny kid.


lani said...

What an adorable soccer player! And I think every girl would just love to have a pink soccer ball. I'm glad you have such good friends taking good care of you--hang in there through you "chair" rest!

Lori said...

I've loved reading about Abbey's soccer experiences---the pictures are so great! Our kids start on the 11th and last I heard, William was signed up to be the assistant coach! Let's pray he'll be back by then (if for no other reason than to coach soccer :) Anyway, thanks for sharing! I also love the names you've chosen for the twins. Can't wait to hear more!!