Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Reunion Art Show

Here are some fun photos from the Family Reunion/Art Show we went to this weekend in Dos Palos. It was at my dad's cousin, Allen's house which is always a treat. He is a collector of awesome things: vintage cars, horse-drawn vehicles, farm equipment, English Shire horses, and much more! Here are two of the lovely artists:The kids just loved running around and playing everywhere!They also loved harassing the animals- even though Abby was freaked out by the one-eyed horse! But just look at that gorgeous dog!We even tried a few family shots...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Escaping the Heat!

I took some pictures at my parents house of the kids playing in the pools. I think they captured the day perfectly! Lily literally took an hour to eat ONE Oreo cookie! Every time we tried to take it or hurry her, she would not have it. First she took it apart and ate the top. Then took the next 45 minutes or so meticulously eating the cream; savoring it a little (very little) at a time and finally ate the bottom. We always make fun of my mom for taking FOREVER to eat a chocolate; Lily made Mom look like Dad!
Abby is getting braver in the water and likes to stay there all day. I usually make her come out when her lips turn purple! She is growing up so fast and loves to read and harass the twins all day long. Thankfully, she still loves to cuddle and read and do art in all of it's forms.Liam just loves to cuddle and has that wistful look down pat. He is blessed with nice eyelashes, man hands and an unhealthy obsession with stars, airplanes and wheels!It has been so hot, we have all been grateful to have a place to go cool off. We also went to the lake last week where we had a nice picnic and Paul and Abby got flung around on the inner-tube thingy for a while. Also, Lily did some interpretive dance-walking in the shallows. YIKES!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Things Never Change

Remember when Lily was younger and made all kinds of faces? Well, some things never change!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sacramento Discovery Museum

Today, Paul had the day off and we took the kids to the Discovery Museum. It was small, but air-conditioned and hands-on. The kids really loved it!Paul and the twins made dinosaur etchings while...
...Abigail made a Triceratops pillow. I love how she sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating. I don't know ANYONE else in the family who does that!
Then, Abby got a little bit of help to finish her craft project.
Then we took a little walk in the little park attached. Oh yeah, and did you notice Abby's hair cut?
It was a nice, albeit ridiculously HOT day. Afterward, we went to IKEA for dinner. Oh, and because I forgot to post it earlier, I put Lily's hair in ponytails for the first time on the 4th of July. She LOVED looking at herself in the mirror with them but, of course, they didn't make it longer than an hour before she ripped them out. Oh well, we're getting closer to having actual hair we can actually fix!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Messing Around on the Computer...

...when I should be doing something productive. I discovered a free photo editing site I love called, Picnik, and I have been playing around on it all morning. My poor neglected children. I have been really crazy since I started taking all the Crohn's drugs and my attention span has becom like a 12 year old ADHD boy's. I blame President Obama... I'm sure it's all his fault somehow. Anyway, here are the fruits of my labours(?):