Tuesday, December 15, 2009

But, seriously...

... could these recent photos be any cuter? There really is such joy and happiness (mixed in with the stress) of everyday, normal life. Today, I am so grateful for such a wonderful family.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wobbly Walkers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Hoping THIS Will End Soon...

Liam is now on 4 medications for asthma and seasonal allergies and Lily is suspected of allergies as well... They were able to get their H1N1 Swine Flu vaccinations last week. I really hope THIS will end soon! They are playing together more and more... Lily LOVES to act silly and make faces to make Liam crack up. Also, they are both walking all over. Three weeks ago, it was a step here and there and now it is multiple, wobbly baby-steps all over the room. Lily is good until she starts cracking herself up and then she just falls to the ground, but she can get straight back up from the floor without holding on to anything. Liam walks with a bit more coordination, and can go further without falling, but he has to pull up on something. I'll get a video up soon. We just attended Abby's first parent-teacher conference. We love her teacher who is really helpful in providing opportunities for Abby's reading (she has grown by leaps and bounds in her reading ability and is a couple of grades ahead). Also, she is doing really well in math. We are obviously so proud of her. She is such a light in our home and the babies ADORE her.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had fun this Halloween. My mom came with us and we went to the school's trunk or treat followed by the neighborhood. Liam was a chicken (what Abby was a few years ago), Lily was a flower (appropriate) and Abby went as "the girl who couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to be for Halloween". Sooooooo funny. I love my silly, funny, amazing children.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Year Old!!!

We survived! We had a little "family only" party for them yesterday, complete with prezzies and cake. If you look closely, you will even see Jack the Cat in the background through the sliding glass door. They did so well. They were fantastic at ripping up paper and loved their new toys. Liam just tore into everything and Lily was so dainty; sticking her pinky out as she ripped. Then, of course, it was time for their first cake- carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting that Abby helped decorate. I made the bibs myself and I think they did their job well. The babies devoured the frosting and mostly left the cake. I cannot believe how much has changed in a year- from 5 pound preemies to 20 pound, year-old, walking (they've each taken a few steps each on a regular basis but still mostly crawl), healthy babies. Here's to many happy birthdays to come! (Here, here!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flossie the Fairy and Hercule Poirot

Our first-born child has lost her first tooth! According to my friend, Kim, who taught Abby all about the inner workings of tooth fairies, when the oldest child of a family loses her first tooth, the family is assigned a tooth fairy. Sometimes, that fairy is lazy, sometimes fantastic, sometimes even a boy- we were hoping for a good one! Well, Abby actually swallowed her tooth so she wrote a note to the fairy explaining everything and she got a note back with 2 quarters stuck to it:

Dear Abigail, Thank you for your note. My name is Flossie and I'm your tooth fairy. I am so sorry you lost your tooth. I hope you were not too sad about it. I know you have another loose tooth- I can't wait to see it under your pillow! Love, Flossie

Abby has it memorized. I am going to make a little fabric envelope for future lost teeth... the next, of which will probably be by the end of the week. She is such a funny girl. Today, she told me she was going to draw a picture but I might find it scary and it was a surprise. She came out with this: Can you tell who it is? I thought it was one of the Mr Men at first. Then she explained. A month or more ago, my mom brought over a catalog that featured many BBC titles. Abby pointed to the Poirot DVD set starring David Suchet and exclaimed, "Oh, isn't he handsome?" It was hilarious! She had never called anyone handsome like that... and Poirot? So funny! I told her I thought his mustache was a little scary for me and she never mentioned it again. Then, today, she draws that picture! She said, "It's that man I thought was handsome and you thought was scary!" I asked her why she drew it and she said, "It's part of a book I'm making about men with mustaches and beards." I asked her who else was going to be in it and she said, in a tone of voice that told me I should already know the answer, "Santa!" I cannot wait to see the rest of the book.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Part of the Plan?

The socks we were all given for soccer were so thick, Abby has not been able to wear them until this week. Her new soccer shoes finally arrived and I made sure to order them a little big for that very reason, so, this was the conversation while getting ready for the game:
Me: Abby, you get to wear your soccer socks now that you have proper shoes!
Me: They feel weird at first, but then you'll get used to them.
Me: Everyone else on your team is wearing them and you are too. It's part of your uniform.
Abby: I want to wear MY football socks!
Me: When you're on a team, you dress alike to show support for one another! You're going to wear them!
Abby: [frusterated but resigned] Oooooooooooh! I wish wearing socks wasn't part of Heavenly Father's Plan!

Also, she set up a "restaurant" one day while I was on the phone and this is what was on the menu:I thought it was rather modern and sophisticated for being Fruit Loops and Cheerios. Or maybe we watch too many cooking shows.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My New Blog

I have started a new craft blog! I started one a long time ago- it had about 3 entries- because I wanted a way to keep a journal of all the things Abby and I were making together. When we moved to California, I wanted to have a craft booth at a local craft fair so I came up with The Paper Pony. Why the name? I like ponies and paper and alliteration and it seemed "me". Due to obvious time issues (as in, I don't have any) I won't be able to do any craft fairs this year. Abby and I have still been crafting a ton so I decided to use my Paper Pony idea to start a craft blog. It isn't like one of the awesome professional looking blogs and I won't be posting every single day, but I hope to put something up every week. Come and check it out! Just click HERE or on the logo on the side bar.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, a few weeks ago, after I had gone over to my Mom's house to borrow another sewing notion, she just gave me the whole sewing box... to keep! That box belonged to her grandmother and still has thread and things that belonged to her. I remember using that box to store things from my 4-H sewing days and there are things that my Mom used when we were young (that was probably the last time she actually made something). It needed to be cleaned out badly so I did it during General Conference (which was great, as usual, by the way).I stacked up the thread and began to put on that ol' sentimental cap. I couldn't help but wonder why and for what and for whom each of those spools had been bought. They obviously spanned decades. I remembered each color that I personally had painstakingly chosen and each project it was attached to and wondered if my great-grandmother were with me, if she could do the same.The thimbles were just as cool to me and I wondered if there were still traces of fingerprints (I know, I watch WAY too many of THAT kind of TV program).I thumbed through these old sewing books that were lining the bottom of the box from the early 60's. It is amazing how much home sewing is the same as it was.Abby loved helping me (a little too much sometimes) and I kept imagining what future projects would grace that wooden box. I made a nice home for it at the top of our bedroom wardrobe.I continued to organize all morning...I LOVE the way this paper and felt look... so colorful and happy.The organization bug must have rubbed off because I caught Abby organizing my ribbon and Paul insisted on organizing the garage (not cleaning on a Sunday, he assured me, just a bit of family organization fun). It was fun... well, until the cat attacked Liam.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Go Teal Sharks!

Abby and Paul won their first game last Saturday (it was only their second game of the season). He is such a great coach and the kids adore him. We are grateful to Bro. Faupula for being his assistant also. Anyway, I was congratulating Abby on her first win of the season and asked if she was so happy and she said yes at first and then, she kind of hung her head, slowly (for dramatic emphasis)shook it back and forth and said, "The Tigers are not feeling very happy." I was proud of her empathy but told her it was okay to be happy about winning as long as she didn't brag about it in front of the Tigers. She is hilarious. Also, the smallest member of the team- in size only.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bathtime Bliss