Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, a few weeks ago, after I had gone over to my Mom's house to borrow another sewing notion, she just gave me the whole sewing box... to keep! That box belonged to her grandmother and still has thread and things that belonged to her. I remember using that box to store things from my 4-H sewing days and there are things that my Mom used when we were young (that was probably the last time she actually made something). It needed to be cleaned out badly so I did it during General Conference (which was great, as usual, by the way).I stacked up the thread and began to put on that ol' sentimental cap. I couldn't help but wonder why and for what and for whom each of those spools had been bought. They obviously spanned decades. I remembered each color that I personally had painstakingly chosen and each project it was attached to and wondered if my great-grandmother were with me, if she could do the same.The thimbles were just as cool to me and I wondered if there were still traces of fingerprints (I know, I watch WAY too many of THAT kind of TV program).I thumbed through these old sewing books that were lining the bottom of the box from the early 60's. It is amazing how much home sewing is the same as it was.Abby loved helping me (a little too much sometimes) and I kept imagining what future projects would grace that wooden box. I made a nice home for it at the top of our bedroom wardrobe.I continued to organize all morning...I LOVE the way this paper and felt look... so colorful and happy.The organization bug must have rubbed off because I caught Abby organizing my ribbon and Paul insisted on organizing the garage (not cleaning on a Sunday, he assured me, just a bit of family organization fun). It was fun... well, until the cat attacked Liam.

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