Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flossie the Fairy and Hercule Poirot

Our first-born child has lost her first tooth! According to my friend, Kim, who taught Abby all about the inner workings of tooth fairies, when the oldest child of a family loses her first tooth, the family is assigned a tooth fairy. Sometimes, that fairy is lazy, sometimes fantastic, sometimes even a boy- we were hoping for a good one! Well, Abby actually swallowed her tooth so she wrote a note to the fairy explaining everything and she got a note back with 2 quarters stuck to it:

Dear Abigail, Thank you for your note. My name is Flossie and I'm your tooth fairy. I am so sorry you lost your tooth. I hope you were not too sad about it. I know you have another loose tooth- I can't wait to see it under your pillow! Love, Flossie

Abby has it memorized. I am going to make a little fabric envelope for future lost teeth... the next, of which will probably be by the end of the week. She is such a funny girl. Today, she told me she was going to draw a picture but I might find it scary and it was a surprise. She came out with this: Can you tell who it is? I thought it was one of the Mr Men at first. Then she explained. A month or more ago, my mom brought over a catalog that featured many BBC titles. Abby pointed to the Poirot DVD set starring David Suchet and exclaimed, "Oh, isn't he handsome?" It was hilarious! She had never called anyone handsome like that... and Poirot? So funny! I told her I thought his mustache was a little scary for me and she never mentioned it again. Then, today, she draws that picture! She said, "It's that man I thought was handsome and you thought was scary!" I asked her why she drew it and she said, "It's part of a book I'm making about men with mustaches and beards." I asked her who else was going to be in it and she said, in a tone of voice that told me I should already know the answer, "Santa!" I cannot wait to see the rest of the book.


Bethany said...

She did tell me Jesus made the cut as well so that was good of her.

Solomon Family said...

that's hilarious!! pretty good pic:-)