Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Manchester United 3 Chelsea 0

We were watching the United game Sunday and Abby overheard the pundit say something about "Rooney". She perked up and announced, "Wayne Rooney! He's our favourite scouser!" What a funny girl. Oh, and Paul was holding a sleeping Lily through most of it and you should have seen him try to tone it down to keep from waking her after every goal and bad call by the ref. She may have stirred a bit. Too bad, Chelsea.


todd & nicole said...

Todd and I caught the end of this game, it was so fun to watch. Since moving to Portland we got the Fox Soccer Channel and Todd is thrilled to finally be able to watch "good" soccer. Hailee loves watching it too, but she gets so confused as to call it football or soccer. It doesn't help that her daddy's other favorite sport to watch is BYU football

Lori said...

Very fun! I love that you guys post about what's going on in the football/soccer world. When the kids played soccer in the fall, their team was "Inter Milan"---I have no idea how well they do in the real world, but it's fun to learn a bit about this.

Anonymous said...

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