Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Bill

Liam is growing so quickly. He and Lily were the same size at birth and exactly the same size a week later. Now, he is well over a pound heavier and eats much more. We think he looks a bit like my dad and a lot like me. He is smiling a lot and fussing even more- he hates being even a little bit uncomfortable so we have to guard him when we open the door. He is also turning out to be a bit of a mamma's boy which I don't mind at all. He has the cutest little puppy-paw hands and likes to just roll up into a ball and cuddle. He can easily move his head around and is not at all floppy, just a solid little boy. We love him so much.


Chellers said...

Sweet baby boy. There's something about mommas and their boys... And I love those first smiles. Melt your heart.

I love Abby in the video. Trying to get Avery in the same frame with Alex is like herding cats too!

How long are you staying in Utah? We'll be there over President's Day Weekend and we'd love to see you!

Lori said...

The twins are so cute---and expressive. It is truly fun to watch your family's happenings.

Tasheana said...

Awww...i love first smiles. That is all Axton does now. Abby is just such a sweet big sister. Do you need any boys winter clothes size 3 months?