Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lily's Faces

Our darling daughter, Lily, is so cute (and I'm not biased at all because my mom totally agrees with me). She has the sweetest demeanor, the loveliest little eyeballs and the daintiest little hands- especially when compared to her twin brother. She is now smiling at all of us regularly and just yesterday, was able to hold her entire head up and steady when placed on her tummy. The only problem is that I cannot take a good photo of her- and believe me, I've tried. I just end up keeping the funny ones and erasing the rest. What's the deal? I mean, I know I am far from being the world's best photog, but when you take a bajillion photos of one subject, you expect a couple to turn out. Anyway, here are some of our favourite "Lily-faces" so far.


Jess Derek and Jackie said...

hahaha those are really the best!

Jenny said...

You know she's going to look at these photos one day and want to kill you. BWAHHAHAHA. Those are the best kind.

Chellers said...

CRAZY EYES! Demon baby!! Just kidding. I'm sure in person she's an absolute doll.

And using your mother as your proof of non-bias is a little counter-intuitive, don't ya think? :-)

I can't wait to meet your sweet little dolls.

jeri said...

Holy cow, those are hilarious!

Nicolasa said...

Those were the funniest pictures ever!!! I laughed a lot and it made me in a much better mood.
So, thanks, Lily, for your funny faces. And to Mom, for capturing them.