Monday, July 21, 2008

Reading "The Good Parts Version" of the Twilight Saga to Paul

This month, I have been re-reading a few classics:(I have no idea why I always re-read Jurassic Park, but it is always on my first to re-read list... I guess I just like the idea of dinosaurs eating people!)I also, FINALLY, talked Paul into reading the Twilight saga. He gave me one stipulation... he wasn't going to actually pick it up and read it himself so I had to read it out loud. I quickly remembered, a few chapters into the first volume, why this might not have been the best way to get him interested in the series. It is written in the first person from the point-of-view of a 17 year-old girl falling in love for the first time (why wouldn't Paul be interested in that after I promised him humor, monsters and most of all, violence?) Also, the lack of editing and grammatical/spelling errors were so much more evident when I was trying to actually read every word instead of skim SO.... I invented the "good parts version" where I only read him the good stuff and skipped over the boring stuff. It took WAY less time to read and the good news is... I now have a willing (albeit not totally stoked) participant in my immediate post-reading discussion in the last book of the series, "Breaking Dawn", which comes out in 11 days (not that I'm counting because that would be embarrassing).

To keep me tied over until then, there is still the book club book to read for this month (have I ever mentioned how AMAZING my book club is?) and another book I have had on hold at the library which is finally ready to be picked up.

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Kelsey Norwood said...

I didn't even have to twist Boyd's arm to read the Twilight series. Does that mean there's something wrong with him? Actually, he has so much faith in my book recommendations that if I tell him a book is good he will read it. And then we can talk about it together. It's great.