Monday, July 28, 2008

Qian Farewell and Wyview Mini Reunion

For Pioneer Day, our family headed off to a BBQ in celebration of our friends, the Qian Family, who are moving to China next week. Best of luck! It was nice to see them and others who lived at Wyview before we were all kicked out to make room for BYU singles who apparently needed more choices for places to live (never mind the fact that ALL the singles housing around here NEVER fills up anyway... but I digress). It was fun to see the children playing around on the slip-n-slide while the grown-ups got all caught up.

Abby was obsessed with the Galaso family and their adorable twin girls who were born last November and wanted to "help" with whatever she could. She also helped German Galaso, who is Argentine, understand his football history (as if he didn't already know) by reminding him that Diego Maradona cheated in the 1986 World Cup Quarter Finals against England by scoring his famous "Hand of God" goal with his hand. Paul was beaming (until Abby was asked if she happened to see the next goal in that game...).

It was fun to see all the new babies and old friends. Thanks Shelleys for organizing a great day.


Sara G said...

I'm so excited for you and your pending life as parents of multiples! You look great and it was fun seeing you. We'll have to do a BIG Wyview reunion next year so we can see your little crawling twins!

Kim Tafua said...

So glad you decided to cover up this time. Regardless of Carrie's obsession with nudity, I was disappointed that you'd compromise your standards just to "fit in & be cool". I must say however that while you aren't showing skin...your clothing is quite tight and screaming "HEY LOOK AT MY BODY" with that color! Love you Bethang!