Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bit By a Bug

WARNING: Do not read this if you are eating. I was in Labor & Delivery the night before last. I started throwing up... I mean REALLY throwing up at about 12:30AM and was getting up every hour to retch (nice, I know). I couldn't even keep water down and was dry heaving by the end of the night. At about 4:00AM I called the hospital reminding them that I was in for contractions and dehydration a few weeks ago so they told me to come in. I told them I was sure it was not morning sickness as I have never had that and they gave me a couple medicines to help with the nausea along with saline (can I just tell you how much I HATE IVs?). I was really lucky that my good friend, Sarah, happened to be on duty to be my nurse so that was awesome. I was still feeling pretty miserable at about 8:00AM but the stomach probs had moved to another area (better down and out than up and out, eh?). The doc just figured it was a really bad bug aggravated by two extremely active children inside messing with everything. Abby threw up earlier this week and so I think I know where I picked it up. (Here's a cute picture of her that Auntie Carrie sent from when we were in California)

I just slept all day yesterday and feel MUCH better. Now, all's well (I hope).

OH! Of course, while I looked like Frankenstein's Bride on crack recovering, we had visitors... so sweet though, Kim and Pam brought baby clothes and news (I haven't seen these girls for a long time and we had a good visit). Also, Jenny (cook extraordinaire) brought by home-baked croissants and pain au chocolate... I was finally feeling okay to eat by that evening and all I wanted was bread so it was perfect!

Great camera news! We're getting a new one. Regular readers may have noticed a distinct lack of photos lately due to the fact that our old camera was lost/stolen (don't ask... it still bugs to talk about it... we LOVED that camera). Well, because Paul has the most amazing parents, we are getting our new one sooner rather than later so hopefully, we'll be posting more pics soon. To keep you satisfied until then, Jenny let me borrow one of hers so I'll post some soon!

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Kelsey said...

I had a weird thing like that when I was pregnant, and I had to do the whole IV thing too. I was throwing up all night long (green liquid) the day before Thanksgiving, and I got dehydrated so I had to go to the hospital. I hope that never happens to you, or me, again. It was HORRIBLE. Glad you're feeling better.