Monday, July 7, 2008

More Scans!

Sorry, Family, for not posting these earlier but here are the scans from last Monday. It was the big one that checks every organ and even the way the blood flows. The great news is that the Perinatologist (high risk baby dr.) said I didn't have to go back there unless a problem develops so it is back to just the OB. They were measuring the right sizes with the right weights and the right amount of amniotic fluid. We counted 2 placentas, 4 arms, 4 legs, 20 fingers, 20 toes, 2 hearts with 4 chambers each with blood flowing in all the right directions. We saw 4 kidneys, 2 bladders, 2 brains, lots of vertebrae, 2 stomachs, 1 penis and 1 not. (Paul hates the word "penis" but what else am I supposed to call it? He got all embarrassed when I asked a friend- a good friend mind you- if she wanted to see our baby's penis... he's the guy, I thought they loved that thing. You can check out Baby Boy's penis in the second to last scan.) So anyway, there were no indications of birth defects or chromosomal abnormalities which makes us all breathe a little easier. Now all we have to worry about is keeping them in the oven until they're done... well, that is a BIG worry actually, but we're dedicated to doing all we can to make that happen. That and naming our baby girl... stay tuned.

Baby Girl's scans are on the left and Baby Boy's are on the right for comparison. The white line in Baby Girl's head shot is Baby Boy's amniotic sac. She kept pushing on it with her little hand... amazing. The doctor said they are definitely aware of each other now. They were actually facing each other but we couldn't get it in one shot as She is a little deeper in than He is. I am feeling them all the time now... it is really something when they are both moving around at the same time... there are no words for it. I have a feeling that I'll find some words when they get a bit bigger and stronger- none of which will be fit to publish here.


jeri said...

How exciting for you! I hope everything keeps going well. 139 days to go... wow, that still seems like a lot.

jeri said...

Also Joe doesn't like the word "penis" either. With Parker he uses either "unit" or "junk". So Parker runs around saying things like that. At least it is a phrase that wouldn't completely humiliate you when he yells it in the middle of church. Because you know they're going to.