Friday, April 25, 2008

Too Much TV

To celebrate "Turn off the TV Week" I decided to START watching a new series as well as keep up with some old favorites. First of all, I feel I MUST comment on American Idol. What the Carly? She was so good this week and SHE was voted off? C'mon America! What's next? Hillary really DOES win the Presidency? Get some taste people. Also, David Cook, I am sorry to say, was TERRIBLE. Don't get me wrong, I usually like the guy, but this week really showcased his weaknesses as a singer. OUT OF TUNE (it was pitchy, dawgg!) as well as OUT OF TIME!!! (did anyone else catch that); he sang/screamed one particular note so loudly I thought Mexico was going to call us up and tell us to quiet down... it was a key point in the song that is supposed to be sung quite tenderly and softly... it exposed a very common weakness in his control. Finally, that ending, quite frankly, just sucked raw eggs. Other than that, it was an okay performance. Tell me WHY the judges did not say anything like this.

Then I watched the first 14 episodes of "Arrested Development"... There are not many shows that have made me laugh out loud: Seinfeld, The Office (the British version, of course) and now, Arrested Development. It really was THAT good. Just think, I'm sure there are millions like me who have yet to discover this short-lived gem and if we had, it might still be on the air. I HIGHLY recommend it! Pure comedic genius!

Finally, I'm embarrassed to say, I watched VH-1's (already doesn't bode well, does it?) "I Know My Kid's a Star" with host, (and messed-up former child star himself) Danny Bonaduce. It should be named, "How to Mess Your Kid up and Ruin any Chance of a Normal Life for Your Family". You cannot believe these stage moms and the way they bad-talk and back stab one another while their children cry because they just can't all be friends... it warms the soul, doesn't it? I don't think that will become a regular stop on the midnight TV train... I'd much rather watch re-runs of something classier like "The Girls Next Door".


AlexisTexas said...

oh that makes me miss a.d. so much! i think it's time for me to bust it out of storage and give it a go again. seriously-nothing as funny anymore on tv.

jeri said...

I loved Arrested Development so much. It was sad when it ended after 4 seasons (is that right?) but it was starting to get really weird so maybe it was time for it to go. Fox really killed the series though, it was always on at a different time on a different night... you had to be a real fan to track it down. So DVD is better.

The Office (new one with mmmm-mmmm-good John Krasinski) and Scrubs are my favorite shows. And I love Dancing With the Stars.

Comeaus said...

I'm also an Arrested Development fan, although we only saw the first two seasons. So funny. Have you seen the blue man episodes yet?

Now for AI. I really don't care for Carly, so I was glad to see her go. Even though she did well Tuesday night, she's not done well the last few weeks. I have been quite disappointed in Brooke of late. I may have to go back and watch David C.'s performance again - I liked his performance, especially the last two notes, and didn't notice the pitchiness. I liked Archie's beginning, but then by the end of the song it was a just another pop ballad like he always does. And oh, Jason. You are so cute, but what was that???