Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Boy Tanner

My dear friend Heather gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last night after a long and troublesome pregnancy. As soon as we could, our friend Jenny and I rushed to the hospital to visit her knowing she has had quick labor and deliveries in the past and wanting to meet this baby boy we have been terrorizing in Heather's belly for months (well, mostly Jenny does the terrorizing... ha ha). We were told we could go back right away and we heard little baby noises as we walked in the door... he had literally been born 5 minutes earlier! What an amazing experience... there really aren't words and that darling little boy is finally out and ready to conquer the world. Heather looked amazing and he really is such a cute baby (they all aren't you know... ask my parents who didn't even buy my baby pictures... they love to tell how my grandparents all thought I was retarded, but I digress). Way to go, Heather (and super-dad Doug too)!The next day I brought Abby to meet him. On the way to the hospital she asked if he had a tongue and how it was made. I was trying to dumb down an answer for her when she asked, "Was it the sperm and the egg?" Sometimes I think she just knows too much. It is funny how she gets so serious with things like this. Heather let her hold him and she was just in awe. She had felt him move last week and here she was holding him. She asked me afterwards if she will get to hold our babies and I told her "OF COURSE!!!" He is still without a name at the time of writing, so all I can say is, "Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Tanner!"

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Jenny said...

He is so painfully cute. I hope he never remembers it was me calling through Heather's belly to get him to move out of her ribs.