Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random Dreams

Abby: She dreamt she was on the "Great Big Wall of China" with her friend Ethan and she almost fell off, but he caught her. Then they climbed down and found "Charlie and Lola" bottles. (Every time we get a new National Geographic, Abby and I go through the whole thing. She has done this from the time she was really little. This month is all about China and she was pretty impressed with that wall).

Paul: He dreamt that Chef Tony was threatening him with the new Miracle Blade III Precision Series knives so they had a huge fight (I imagine it was violent and, of course, ended with the demise of Chef Tony). I think there are way too many infomercials on the TV sports stations and this was Paul's way of acting out.

Me: I dreamt that I was brushing my teeth and my electric toothbrush lost all it's power. I got really upset (too upset to be realistic) because I KNEW I had just replaced the batteries the night before and then, HORROR, I realized it was Paul's toothbrush.

Note: I have about a hundred dreams a night that I remember now... most of them are as ridiculous as the toothbrush one... due to the fact that I wake up literally EVERY hour to pee. I guess I'm getting on newborn time earlier than I had planned... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Stephanie said...

Ok, that's kinda weird. You guys need to stop sleeping or something. It's actually kind or funny because I just read The Giver and for some reason it reminded me of it.