Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out and Proud

I don't care if it means I'm not cool... I am still obsessed with American Idol. I have watched it since it's beginnings as "Pop Idol" while I was still living in England and it was so fun. Imagine my excitement (and Paul's chagrin) when I found out the Americans were making their own version and Simon was even being exported for the project. Now in its 7th season here... I still love it. Maybe it caters to my judgmental side... I don't know. I make Paul tape it when I have to miss it. This season there are 2 LDS contestants in the top 20; a 23 year old girl named Brooke White and my favourite, a young 17 year old singing prodigy from Murray, Utah named David Archuleta. He is just darling and I think has a chance of winning the whole thing... the judges haven't said anything negative to him yet and he really is a cutie. I think it's time for another Donny Osmond! Stay tuned!

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Sarah said...

Well, if it makes you not cool - then we are in it together because, I love it too. I had Ariel record it last night for me while we were at bookclub.