Thursday, February 21, 2008

Forever and Ever and Ever

Abby's prayers have been so cute lately. She says "grateful" before everything. We have tried to teach her to mix it up a bit but she won't have it. Lately, I have started a little prayer journal for her so we don't ever forget them (ever and ever and ever). Here's a sample:

"Grateful for I can go to Hawaii someday. Grateful I can live on planet Earth for a long time. Grateful that Heavenly Father will be so kind to me. Grateful someday we can have a yellow dog named, Boaty and a baby sister named, Bugsy. Grateful I love my family so much forever and ever and my friends forever and ever and ever."

Today, another dream of hers has come true... she is having a girl play date with her friend Savannah who is a whole 2 days younger. They are hilarious playing Barbies, dancing and I caught them just now playing "Hippity Hop Hop" whatever that is. I snuck and took some photos. I love the picture where Abby has fallen and is sporting her most popular look: the bottom smile. They had blast!
Oh, one more thing. They were talking about "Wonder Woman" at lunch time (they had both been introduced to that fantastic 80's show at their friend James's house last week). Anyway, they discussed the "lasso of truth" and how she protects people from "bad guys" and her gold magic belt and finally, Abby gets a confused look on her face and asks, "Mummy, why does Wonder Woman have stars all over her nappy?" It was so funny. Then, Savannah said that James pretends to be Wonder Woman so I asked her if she pretended to be Batman. Then they discussed amongst themselves the differences between Batman and Wonder Woman... hilarious!

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