Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our New Road Trip Game

Driving long distances is boring enough without having to revisit all the same car games... you know the ones: The License Plate Game, The Movie Title Game and A-Z. Oh, and my personal favourite Baynes Family Original: I name a football (soccer for all the Americans and Aussies) team and Paul tells the name of the ground/stadium. Well, those will only get you so far... especially after a few drives to California and back! Well, we came up with a new one on our recent trip to Idaho. It combines rubbernecking, criticizing other drivers and my personal favourite... SHOPPING! What could this brilliant new car game possibly be? Well, here's the gist: You get a hundred fake dollars for every driver who is on their mobile phones in their car. Then, when you're on the long boring parts with no cars, you get to decide how to spend your fake money! With an average of 30% of drivers on the phone just on the way to Salt Lake City, our fund grew quickly. A recent study attributed 2600 automobile deaths and 330,000 injuries to drivers on cell phones (that's not even taking into account all accidents and near misses of course). INSANE! Something needs to be done!


jeri said...

So how much money had you acquired by the time you go there?

Solomon Family said...

I agree. In south Africa it's illegal to drive while talking on your cell phone (though I don't know how actively they police that??) and you have to have a 'hands free kit'. but I think even that distracts you from driving. it's just not safe!!