Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Paul and Abby surprised me Valentine's Day morning with a nice card and a lovely box of chocolates. It was so nice compared to my home-made garland and cards I made them. Later that day, when I went to pick Paul up from school, I told him about the "newlyweds" upstairs and how I noticed the new hubby had bought his new wife flowers because of the ProFlowers box on their porch. I then went on and on about how silly it was to spend money on flowers when they were just going to die anyway and how we were much smarter and would rather receive store gift-certificates, etc. I talked about this the whole way home. Well, when we pulled in the driveway, Paul finally says, "I guess I should tell you those flowers are for you." What? Understand this: Paul has never bought me flowers before and he had already given me some nice things that day so I really had NO CLUE! Sure enough, there was a beautiful bouquet of tulips (my favorite flowers) addressed to me with the sentimental note attached that read: "Now you can't say I never buy you flowers." You can imagine how my tune changed. They are beautiful and light up the room! We ended our day with heart shaped pizzas Abby and I made together. What a great Valentine's Day! I am such a lucky girl.


Qian Jia Ting said...

You are a lucky girl, indeed, and Paul and Abby are certainly very lucky too. Sounds like your V. day was really great and I'm glad to hear it. Love the picture! It is so bright, beautiful, and festive. That is a funny story, too, about assuming the flowers weren't for cute :)

Comeaus said...

What beautiful tulips. I saw your goodreads display on your sidebar - how did you get that? I am so addicted to goodreads and I would love to put that on my blog.

erin said...

Yeah! for spring flowers! Gald you had a happy Valentine's day! Abby is so beautiful and is growing so fast!