Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

After a fantastic Thanksgiving with the Woolstons and Hulmes (huge!), we officially began the Baynes Family Christmas season by busting out and decking the ol' tree. This is the first year Abigail was actually able to help and we had a great time. We started a few new traditions this year. The first one was collecting and hanging ornaments with our names on them... I know it's a bit "Days of Our Lives" and I admit I got the idea from there... but it was still fun! Also, we made a paper chain advent with something Christmasy to do everyday written on each link (thanks, Jenny). Finally, my favourite, Abby and I wrapped 25 books... most of them Christmas or Winter themed and numbered them 1-25 and we'll have fun opening one and reading it everyday of December until Christmas Day (that is until I can find a Boxing Day book, I guess). I cannot wait for all of our family to get here... I'm definitely the most impatient in the family.Abby was invited to a birthday party this Saturday and was DYING to wrap the gift. Well, I told her she would have to wait because we didn't have any birthday wrapping paper. Well, this conversation has been going on a couple of days now. So, this morning, she said, "Mummy, I want to wrap the present now!" and without looking, I just repeated the thing about not having the right kind of wrapping paper to which she replied, "I made some, look!" Sure enough, she had drawn birthday cakes all over a piece of printer paper. I had her do another piece so it would fit and we wrapped it up and tied it with a pretty pink bow. She was so proud (and so was her father and mother).Oh, and by the way... she's still sleeping in a box.

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Jenny said...

Hurrah for Christmas! I am excited to see the decorations you put up, and I'm so proud of Abby for making her own wrapping paper. So rad.