Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thinking Inside the Box

My wonderful, amazing friend since 8th grade, Dawn, sent Abby and I two huge surprise boxes full of girl clothes and kitchen surprises last week. Paul was really excited because I had just told him how much Abby needed pajamas and cute dresses for church (yeah, I know I need to review the definition of the word need). Well, it was like Christmas had come early and it totally rendered my shopping trip moot. Here were the problems that followed:

1. I had to completely go through all Abby's old clothed to make room for the new so that involved a lot of organizing and packing up and it took me three days to do it. But that was a small price to pay for my friend's generosity and it needed to be done anyway.

2. Abby has moved out of her room and into one of the boxes. She made her friends play in it with her. She wrote her name all over it, she put blankets and her stuffed animals in it and played all day in it... for going on 3 days now. Finally, last night she insisted she sleep in it... and she actually did. Paul and I moved her to her own bed later as she looked so contorted and uncomfortable. I wish I could just fall asleep anywhere.
I think I know what Abby's favourite Christmas prezzie will be... boxes and boxes and boxes...

On a different note, some friends and I made up a new holiday called "Friendsgiving". It is basically the opportunity to eat good food with our friends before the family get-togethers on the actual Thanksgiving Day. It was sooooooo good and I am REALLY full and won't have enough room to eat anything on Thanksgiving... well, that's a lie, but it was great tonight and I hope it becomes a tradition. Abby said her favourite part was "laughing and jumping on the bed with my friends." Uh, yeah, well, we did just kind of leave the kids to themselves until one or more of them started crying... which was fairly often. Sorry about the bed jumping thing, Heather.


erin said...

What an adorable picture of Abby sleeping inside the box. I can't believe she could actually fall asleep like that!

Qian Jia Ting said...

I also love the pic of Abby sleeping in the box. Absolutely precious. Tell us more about the Friendsgiving...more pics please! That sounds incredibly fun!

Bethany said...

We just made a menu with slightly new takes on Thanksgiving foods (or at least new to us), divided up the work, got our families together and ate it all on Saturday.