Friday, August 1, 2008

Future Footballers

Another month, another doctor's appointment and growth scan. The babies both looked really good. They had both flipped so that Baby Girl is now vertex and Baby Boy is breech and with the way they've been moving, I was not surprised at all. Below is a scan of them together. Baby Boy is estimated to be 1.6 lbs and Baby Girl, 1.5 lbs which is perfect. (Baby Girl is labeled A and Baby Boy is labeled B in the scans.)My favourite part was when she got a close-up of BG's feet right next to BB's head and proceeded to kick him a few times... hey, it was round and there; she's just practicing early for her football career.As for me, I was hoping to have gained 4 lbs since my last appointment which was what all the books recommended for twins. So, I gained 12!!! YIKES! That's 3 lbs per week, just in the last month. That's a total of 32 lbs gained so far for a total weight of 144 lbs. The doctor said that was great (I did start a bit underweight). It inspired me to create a new poll on the sidebar... check it out.

Also, today I had my good friend, Georgina, help me out with organizing the house and we got A TON done which made me feel really good. And on the plus side, she's 14 and we were able to discuss "Breaking Dawn" which comes out tonight at midnight. And SO WHAT if I found and read some illegally downloaded chapters (1-7). I don't feel bad and I don't regret it one little bit. I will still be buying my own copy to finish it (well, technically, my hero , Paul, will be the one to brave the teeny-bopper crowd for me because he is the best husband in the whole wide world... oh, and he and Abby are going to the movies to see Wall-E tomorrow to give me some time alone reading... yeah, he's the best!).


Sarah said...

Perfect presentation - keep it up twins.
Good luck reading!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or can everyone else already see how stunningly beautiful these babies are? Oh to think of the fun they will have with your bladder!!!
Proud grandma England

Nickie said...

Haha, I love that babygirl was kicking babyboy in the head!! That was awesome:)