Sunday, August 24, 2008

27 Weeks

This week has definitely had it's share of ups and downs. The downs first- this week I started feeling this pain around and just above and below my belly button. It was really sharp in places at times, worse at night and when the babies were moving, but it was mainly my skin- it felt like the worst sunburn I ever had only to look, you wouldn't be able to tell anything was up, but even the softest clothing felt abrasive. I went to the doctor and was told that it was nerve damage from my skin being stretched too far, too fast (did I mention I weighed in at 150 lbs?). Okay, so it can't hurt the babies and they're heartbeats were good, but get this... there is NOTHING I can do about it... and it will get worse... and it can last until well AFTER delivery! What? That's not what I wanted to hear! I've been walking around here like a teenage hoochy with my belly sticking out. I guess it will have to be my new look.

On to better news- my friend Jenny mentioned how funky my feet looked because my ninnies were starting to resemble these "ghettoes" sooooooo, she fixed and painted and scrubbed them and they look great. I admire them every time I put my feet up (obviously, I can't admire them too much when I'm standing or I might just fall over- TTTTIIIMMMMMBBBERRRR!)
This morning, Abby wanted to surprise me by making our bed (making beds is her new favorite pasttime... we'll enjoy it while it lasts). She was so proud and she really did a great job! We did not help her.

So now, I'm 27 weeks along. As I was searching through some old photos, I found one of me when I was 27 weeks along with Abby. I put on the same shirt- which I could BARELY fit over my belly and decided to take a comparison picture. There's a little bit of a size difference there. Oh, and I haven't fit into those pants in a few months.

Coming up this week- Monday begins my friend's craft give away on her blog, Vanilla Joy and all you have to do is leave a comment to enter. She's giving away some fantastic stuff so check it out. Also, Friday, I have a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes (standard- don't worry), a blood test to check for this particular antibody I've been having in my blood, and another growth ultrasound. Can't wait to see those babies again!

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Stephanie said...

Woa, that comparison is CRAZY! I can't believe you're already 27 weeks. . . they're getting closer and closer.