Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

No pics yet, but at least everything has settled down a bit around here. Paul's Brother and his wife stayed with us for a week and the day they left, I found out my Grandma had passed away. Not wholly unexpected but difficult none-the-less. Abby and I flew out to California Monday night to help with the preparations. The funeral itself went well (I was asked to give the eulogy and only broke down twice... both times she lost children... that's what you get for asking the hormonal pregnant woman to speak, eh?) My grandma was an amazing woman who led an extraordinary life. I saw family I hadn't seen in years. For Father's Day, Paul, Abby and I went to the beach (about 2 hours away) and that evening, we went fishing with my dad. As usual, Abby caught the first fish. Then, I tried to bait my hook, but the worms were just so gross. Abigail picks one up and says, "Here's a good one, Mommy." I did catch on though... a bass... but dad took it off the hook and let it go. Then my Mom caught a little perch and after dad took it off the hook, Abby felt it and she grabbed it and through it back herself. Yes, I have been shown-up in the toughness department by a 4 year old.

I have to say though, I am so happy to be home. Paul came out to the funeral on Thursday and we all drove home together Monday... all day! Never again will I travel until after the babies are born. It was excruciating and I have never been more glad to be out of the car!


Brian and Courtni said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are sorry to hear about your grandma. We wish you and your family the best.

jeri said...

We're glad to have you back Bethany and I was sorry to hear about your grandma.