Friday, May 16, 2008

A Baynes Family Dilemma

This is a post for all those who are (in)sane enough to read our blog because we need opinions on possible future pets. I really don't like the average house cat because they're lazy and think they're better than me. Dogs are cool, but Bethany and I have a hard time agreeing on what breed to go with ... this is a real dilemma! Here are my proposals for family pets:
Ocelot - despite what you might think it is perfectly legal to own an Ocelot and they are great at getting rid of vermin, other stupid cats and coyotes!
Wolf - or as I have occasionally heard them referred to as "Woofs" I think they're cool animals and would be good for protecting the house. I can imagine the look of horror on an intruders face when confronted by a fully grown, highly trained, Wolf.


Simon said...


Andy & Sergio, both said...

one of each!
ocelots used to be common around here, and my uncle owned a wolf. she was awesome. scared the crap outta everybody, but she was actually quite gentle with the seven other cats they owned.