Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back Home Again

Abby and I just got back from a week in California for a Connolly Family Reunion and a nice visit with my parents. The reunion was high in the Sierra Nevadas and was just beautiful! I saw cousins I hadn't seen in 15 and 20 years! (Am I even that old enough to say things like that? That was rhetorical... don't answer). On that side, I guess twins run in the family so I got lots of advice and here is pretty much what I learned: Each set is different and what works for one, won't work for the other. Let's see... oh, and because they are 2 separate individuals, you really can't plan for much until you meet them and then you can try to mesh everything into one big schedule... which will be broken at every available opportunity. I can't wait.When we got back to my parents house, one evening we all went fishing at the creek behind their place. It was one of the most memorable experiences I have had in a long time out in the natural world. On the way back on tiny dirt country lanes, we saw doves, mallard ducks, snowy egrets, a ring-necked pheasant, quail, a raccoon and a cottontail bunny.When we got to the fishing hole (about a half a mile away as a crow flies), we were greeted by a pair of lovely turkey vultures (yikes!). The fish were biting like crazy despite the fact that Dad's hooks were too big and Abby's too small. In all, Abby caught 2 fish: a small perch and a steelhead trout (she called it a spinner because when she was holding it up for a photo, it started spinning and flipping around); Grandpa caught "a monster" catfish and Grandma caught a perch. I only fished for about two minutes and got a ton of bites, but didn't hook anything. I think Abby felt sorry for me, but then again, she won the day! Of course, we threw all the fish back... but only after the pictures were taken.On the drive home, we saw deer in two different places, a skunk, and an owl... oh and some bats. I was so happy to give my little girl such a great experience of the outdoors. It is where I used to ride my horse as a girl and I explored every facet of those river bottoms, but it changed every season and there was always more to see and more surprises to encounter every time. And all so close to my parents home. I really had a happy childhood and am glad Abby will get the chance to learn and explore as I did.


Carrie said...

Glad to see Mom still has her Georgetown sweatshirt!

Bethany said...

Yeah, it's only 20 years old... there's still plenty of wear left.

Brandie said...

Hi Guys!!! Bethany it was really great to see you! Keep in touch!