Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Raspberry Days

The raspberries are at their peak right now so that makes snack-time easy... we just go outside and have at it. The weather is also cooler so we can go in the middle of the day for hours. (Notice the shoes on the wrong feet).

So here's something ridiculous: I called our media provider to get a downgrade on our cable to save a little money (we only had the highest level so Paul could watch the football from England and now, they have the rights to so few games, it's just not worth it anymore). Well, it turns out that the package we subscribe to was such a "deal" that if we downgrade now, we'll actually have to pay more. So if anyone needs to watch a program on some obscure channel, you can bet we have it... just let me know and we'll tape it. We've already recorded "Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction" from the Science Channel if anyone's interested.

Also on our list of "things we have to deal with but don't really want to" is our car transmission going out despite the fact that it only has 62,000 miles on it. Thanks to Dad finding us a used one, it is now here in Utah, but won't be done for another week. We don't mind walking more- in fact, that part has been nice- it's just that we can't bring Abby anywhere until we get it back. Oh well, a week's not too long, eh?
Good news: My tomatoes are finally ripe after having to plant them so late... mmmmm there is nothing like fresh tomatoes! I foresee lots of chips and salsa in my future!


Jenny said...

I am missing the raspberries! My life is a graveyard of buried hopes. I hope you get the car fixed soon.

erin said...

Yummy! I wish we could have stayed around Utah long enough to taste some of the garden I planted. Oh, well! Abby is adorable! I love the shoes on the wrong feet; Soraya does the same thing.