Friday, September 4, 2009

New Teeth and Liam's Faux-hawk

I guess there has been something of a lack of posts recently. Let's just look at this equation, and do the maths: 1 school girl + 2 sick babies + 10 teeth and counting + 1 soccer coach + 1 classroom mom + church callings + no sleep= 1 exhausted family. Lily is winning the new teeth race at 7 (5 of those in the last month or so) with Liam having 5 with more just on the brink. They also both have colds so that has made for really fun nights for Paul and I.
Abby has taken to school so well... to no one who knows her's surprise She still gets up every morning excited to go and comes home ready for homework. I went to Back-to-School night yesterday and got to meet with her teacher and I think she is fantastic. They are supposed to do 10-20 minutes of reading time everyday and fill out a chart and when I asked for clarification as to who was supposed to be reading, the parent or child, the other parents kind of murmured so at the risk of sounding all "isn't my child such a genius", I was able to talk to the teacher 1 on 1 later on about the concerns I had about the kindergarten reading curriculum which doesn't even have the kids reading c-v-c and sight words until later and Abby is reading books at a 1st/2nd grade level and rising. She practices every night. She was really nice and said that she will more than likely be put in a 1st grade reading class. Also, she did this.Enough bragging about my genius daughter (ha ha ha) or should I say (heh, heh, heh).

So,I was messing with Liam's hair the other day-he had been so fussy and sick all day- and tried the "faux-hawk" to hilariously cute results- judge for yourself.


Simon and Sara said...

No surprise here about Abby! She is awesome! Lily is catching up to Brynn in the teeth dept. Brynn just got her 7 & 8th tooth about a month ago! I also adore little Liam's faux-hawk! I bet Paul fixes his hair like that every day now! :) Fun to see all the updates! We miss you guys!

Sarah said...

They are getting so big. We miss you here!