Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to Back

So, these crazy babies are 10 and a half months old now... can you believe it? They continue to amaze us. Liam can swat at a bunny he finds on every page of Richard Scarry's "I Am A Bunny" (it was Abby's favourite and is quickly becoming the twins' favourite as well; thank you, Peggy). Lily says Mama, Dada and Baba (Abby) interchangeably and not always when we want her to but it is so cute. She has this little dimple that melts everyone's heart. That coupled with Liam's soft, blue eyeballs ensures that they get away with just about everything. Little Stinkers!

Abby continues to amaze us all. She reads multiple books per day and loves school. She had a friend who wanted her to stop making new friends all the time(who? Abby? Making lots of friends?). Abby told her friend that she was friends with everyone including her. That night, she made the little girl a card (unsolicited) and showed me when she was done- I had no idea what she had been up to. It showed them holding hands and being friends on the front with a message about being friends with everyone together on the inside- spelled phonetically- and then she glued her last party candy on the back. I am so proud of her for resolving her own problems in such a wonderful way.

I became a "classroom mom" which means that I will start helping in class and volunteering at school events like the upcoming "Harvest Fair". Our class is in charge of the beanbag toss so I will be working with other mothers (the other 2 LDS moms as a matter of fact) on that.

Paul started coaching Abby's soccer team yesterday. He is so wonderful with the kids and this will hopefully be a fun outlet for him. Abby is the smallest kid on the team, of course. It looks like it's shaping up to be a fun fall for us all.


Chellers said...

Oh I am so excited to come and see you in just over a month!!! I gotta kiss on those babies' cheeks!!

Jenny said...

BETHANY! Way to get your groove on. I am so happy for you that you're able to get involved in Abby's school use your skills. Those babies are precious.

Tasheana said...

Wow! The babies are growing up so fast. They have to be the cutest set of twins i have ever seen. They resemble you and Paul both so much, it's amazing. It's great that you are both getting involved with Abby's school. It's such an important thing in life. Glad you are doing well in Cali.

Tasheana said...
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