Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peace, Love and Twins

We are so blessed to have some of the greatest friends around. We had a great Memorial Day and although some of the kids ended up puking (sorry Ethan and Kajsa) we had a fun bonfire and some good times. Also, Jenny had volunteered her husband Ed to take pictures of the twins as a baby shower gift and we never got around to it before so he was so kind to take some this time around and, well, as you can imagine, they turned out FANTASTIC! He is usually not a portrait photographer so we feel double-grateful... check out his portfolio here.

Today was Paul's mum's birthday and Abby wanted to do something special so she drew her a picture and we took photos to wish her a happy birthday. We really wish England, Utah and NoCal could just break the laws of physics and all be next to each other.
So, the babies are really getting interactive now. They love playing with their feet, peek-a-blocks, each other and Abby. Also, they get really excited when they see pictures of themselves. It's so amazing how fast kids grow up.

Abby is really reading now. I mean really. We are so blessed. Really.


Sarah said...

Those pictures turned out great. Ed is amazing.

Jenny said...

I love those babies! We are so glad Abby is a genius child. I hope you have a good week.

Heather said...

Hey, what about Montana defying physics too?! I miss you and can hardly believe how your three babies are going. Jen said she had a great time and the twins are adorable. She also couldn't get over how HARD two six month olds can be. She just kept repeating, "Double the diapers, double the butts to wipe, double this, double that..." I can't imagine how you do it, girlfriend. Good thing they're so darned cute or else. Love you!

Bethany said...

Of COURSE Montanan will be in the mix... forgive me, Heather.

Stephanie said...

All of these pictures are just sooo cute. They make me happy.