Friday, May 29, 2009


Yesterday, Abby got to pick out a kitten from Sophie, Kim's cat's litter. It is her first experience having a pet and we wanted it to be a good one so we had fun going to the pet store and getting all the things he would need like a bed, food, toys, etc. I felt so badly for Kim's kids. I remember how hard it was to give away little puppies and kittens- how you secretly wish that your parents will just keep them all or that no one else will want them so you'll have to keep them all. We assured them they could come and visit whenever they wanted and that he would be happy. She picked out the fluffiest one the kids called, Jack. We told Abby she could name him whatever she wanted and after thinking about it for a long time, she said, "I can name him whatever I want and I just like Jack". So Jack it is. Technically, we are keeping him for Mom and Dad for a while... but I think he might not ever make it over there as we already love him so much!

Today, Jack got a tour of the back yard. He is such a friendly little kitty and loves to follow us (especially Abby) around. Last night, Abigail wasn't sure how to hold him but today, she is a pro and they are already the best of friends.

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Danielle said...

We love cats and Jack is sooo cute! I'm all smiles after reading this post. :-)