Friday, November 14, 2008


I guess it's been a while since I've posted... the time has really flown for me. Let's see... Mid-October I was going for non-stress tests every weeks to make sure the babies and I were still doing well. I had really started putting on water weight to the point that I couldn't move all that well and could only sleep in my recliner. On Wednesday, October 22, my blood pressure was getting a little high and there was a little protein in my urine so they admitted me to the hospital and released me the same night. Saturday, I had another Dr. appointment and by that time, I really could not walk at all because of the water gain. I was so swollen, I could not even stand in the shower because my legs could not go together. I also could not walk without major help and it just plain hurt. I was admitted to the hospital again and again, the protein and blood pressure were not high enough to be considered pre-eclampsia and my cervix was still nearly closed, but I was gaining about 4 lbs of water PER DAY! The doctor told me that on paper, I was doing really well, but in person, I wasn't. I was unrecognizable but the doctors did not want to take the babies too early. I was told that I would be staying in the hospital until the babies were born, but I heard everything from 1 day to more than a week for the estimate. This was probably the hardest time in my life and it was really humbling not being able to even go to the bathroom without assistance. The nurses were all really kind and I think they were all trying to put their two cents in as far as how bad I really was (thanks Sarah). Finally, Monday night, the doctor came in and we (Paul, the Doctor and I) made a plan. The babies were still both head-down so we decided to try for a vaginal birth, which is what we were really hoping for, as long as it was safe for me and the babies. I weighed myself one last time and was 198 pounds. That was a total of about 90 lbs of weight gain. The average for twins is between 45 and 50. We were scared, but ready and I spent the rest of the night praying that everything would be all right.


Jess Derek and Jackie said...
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gabegen said...

i can't believe what your body went through, you're so tough!