Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Life as a Poorly-Written Sitcom

We were having steamed broccoli and cauliflower for dinner the other night and when Abby saw the cauliflower, she immediately informed us that she did not like it and wouldn't eat it. Having watched tons of badly-written 80's family sitcoms, I knew exactly what to do! I told her she didn't have to eat all of it, but she had to at least try it. She took the tiniest bite she possibly could and smiled. "Mmmmm! I love cauliflower! It kind of tastes like broccoli!" she said. Then proceeded to eat all of the cauliflower before she ate everything else. I can't believe that trick actually worked... we'll see what happens next time. Until then, I guess cauliflower has pushed broccoli out of the top spot on Abby's favourite veggie list. I am certainly not going to discourage that.


Sarah said...

wow usually kids don't like broccoli - too bitter. Good going abby! ...and bethany and paul for helping to encourage the trying of new foods. I am a firm believer in new foods.

Anonymous said...

okay, this is too weird.... i just finished reading eat, pray, love and i got to reminiscing about days past and thought about my long lost friend, bethany from yuba college.... i wondered - does she still have the same address??? should i write her?? should i call her mom in wheatland, ca and see if they are still there??? anyway(s), i thought that in this day and age i might be able to find her on the internet.... lo and behold, i googled paul and bethany baynes and found this right away!!! i am very impressed, by the way - i'd so never be able to do a website like this!!! your daughter is beautiful and her birthday is near my youngest son (nicholas') bday which is march 9th (he just turned 3). i want to give you my email address.... cmf6342@lausd.net because i think about you often and i'm so glad i found you online!!! we are leaving for cabo, mexico for a week early in the morning but i'd love to hear from you and i'll email you often if you email me your email address... i'll send pics of my two boys steven (5) and nicholas (3)... i'd love to catch up!!! i'm so glad i found you and i think of you often!!!

love christy (rennick)finazzo

Brian and Courtni said...

Hey Baynes!

Could you send us your e-mail address? We just went private and I know we have it somewhere, but we can't find it? Thanks!