Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home from California

Abby and I finally got home from our trip to California last night... just in time to shower and make it to Book Club! We had such a good time but missed Paul terribly (Although he kept busy playing tennis and football, going to a Real Salt Lake game and hanging out with his friends all week).

Abby loved picking and eating all the walnuts and pomegranates and got them all over herself (Important note: Pomegranate stains do not come out of clothing... we tried it out on many of her clothes unfortunately before we knew for sure... slow learner I guess). She also was given farm chores: Feed Bubba the dog and Ginger the horse which she could do without any help.

We visited Bishop's Pumpkin Farm and had a great time playing, eating, riding the train, petting animals and running into people we knew (it always happens in Wheatland).Abby had many adventures with her grandparents. Reading books, having talks and riding the horse with Grandma was fun, but she is really turning into such a Grandpa's girl. He took her out to the flight line on the Airforce base and she couldn't stop talking about the jets. Her favourite thing though, was going fishing (see picture at the top of the post). Grandpa takes her to their special fishing hole every time she comes to visit and this time she caught 2 fish! (Grandpa didn't catch any.)

We had lots of visitors. It was so nice to spend time with my friends and their kids... and now that our kids are older, they babysit each other so we can talk. Although I did catch Abby and Truman (age 2 and 360 days) sitting back to back on the quad with the key turned so the lights were on... it was just a matter of time before that could have turned into disaster.

My Uncle Rex's Memorial turned out so well. There were almost 30 people there (we had expected about 15) to remember him. We shared stories and Mom wrote them all down. Carrie and I had scrapbooked his life and there were collections of letters he had written and artwork he had created for all to see. It was really nice but we are very happy to be back home now.


Hannah said...

That is an adorable picture with the fish!!

Qian Jia Ting said...

we would love to come visit you next time you're in CA. Great pics. Glad the service went well.

Jenny said...

Abby is such an animal whisperer. We are SO GLAD you're home!

Galaso Family said...

Hi Bethany! How are you? Thanks for the comment...Abby is so cute. I can't believe how big she is now. Best wishes! Sara