Friday, June 3, 2011

School's Out ...for... the Summer?!?

Today was the last day of school. At noon today, Abby will officially be a 2nd grader! Notice what she is wearing... it is JUNE in CALIFORNIA and it has been cold and rainy! Paul has been in hog's heaven.

So, the last few weeks have been busy with end of year/beginning of summer activities. A couple of weeks ago, it was Open House night and we got to see Abby's classroom. She was so proud to show us around. Here is a poem Abby wrote earlier in the year that the whole class memorized!
We were so lucky to have such a fantastic teacher... perfect for Abby. She knew where to push and where to praise and when to let things be. Abby and her friend even spent a little time every day in a 2nd grade class. Mrs. Levitt was awesome and we will miss her!
Wednesday was the end-of-year awards ceremony and Abby was presented with the Science Award... fitting, I think! If you are wondering if Abby is catching up to her class in height, judge for yourself.
On the home front, we were finally able to get something done with our weed garden AKA side yard. We in a tiny raised veggie garden (that we will expand every year), evened out the surface, killed and cut all the weeds, laid weed block paper and covered the whole thing in playground wood chips! Doesn't it look great? Well, the kids haven't really even played in it yet because the weather has been crazy (that is why the playhouse is against the house- to protect it from the wind). Now we are looking forward to filling the area up with play things for the kids. Next year we want to put in a nice, wooden playground but I think the babies are still a little young this year. Slowly, but surely, we are whipping the yard into shape! Next project: the broken back fence!


Barbay said...

Abby is a real star and for you information I am a totally unbiased grandma!

The Qian Family said...

The kids grow up so fast! Abraham has one more week of first grade. Fun to see the pics!