Friday, June 4, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation and Choir Performances

I cannot believe it! Time goes by too quickly and Abby's first year of school is over! Yesterday, she graduated Kindergarten. I know, I know; You don't really have to DO anything to graduate Kindergarten, but the kids love it and it makes the end of their first year so special. The parents were a little rude jumping in front of each other for the photo ops so I had a really hard time trying to get good photos. Her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cassidy, gave a talk that had me in tears from the beginning! The kids sang a really cute song and recited a little poem- Abby had been practicing for weeks. Afterward, there was cake and congratulations.That afternoon and evening, Abigail had her choir performances at the 5th grade promotion ceremony and the Jr. High School Graduation respectively. The kids looked so cute in their matching polos and hair accessories. What a great experience! Abby looks mad in a couple of photos- unfortunately, she's like me and frowns when she is in deep concentration. She really is a mini me!Today was the last day of school and I will soon pick up an official First Grader. This morning we brought Mrs. Cassidy the GIANT thank you note we made her and little gifts for her classmates.
You can find out how we made them HERE. We are starting the tradition of going out for treats on the last day of school... let's see... are we in the mood for smoothies? Ice cream? Bakery goodies? Also, I created a little questionnaire for her to fill out; I will have all the kids fill it out- the sane one- every year so we can see how their answers change and/or stay the same throughout the years. I'll post the answers when we get them. Well, it's time! We're off to get our girl!

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Bethany said...

I just noticed- a full 1/3 of the whole chorus was LDS and 100% of the boys were.