Saturday, May 29, 2010

Abby's New Hobby

But before we get into all that, the other day we were all hanging out in Abby's room and Liam was jumping all around while Abby was reading a book to Lily. It was fun just playing around together. Lily will sit forever if someone is reading to her and gets really involved- especially if that someone is her older sister. The book they're reading here is a book Carrie wrote and had published when she was in the second grade called, "The Robbery". The kids LOVE it and it's now a Baynes family classic.So, back to Abigail. I know, Abby has a new hobby and/or obsession every week. This week (and for a while now) it is cooking, Asterix books and taking photos. A couple of weeks ago, she took a field trip with her class to the zoo and Paul got her a disposable camera to take with her. We tied a ribbon around it for a strap and she had such a great time taking pictures of everything... Paul is waiting until there is a coupon for printing so they are not developed yet, but she has been using the family camera to snap a few shots... here are a couple of her best:

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