Sunday, December 7, 2008


I cannot believe how slow the days go (especially at night) and how quickly the weeks pass. Paul's Mum and Dad left Thursday and we've been going at it on our own. There are a few things we've done that have made our lives easier. I just couldn't keep up with the breastfeeding demands of 2 children while trying to keep my relative sanity so I have cut back to breastfeeding one and formula feeding the other (so others can help out and cut the time). I switch off which baby gets what every other feeding.

Last Sunday (so, I'm a week late with the post), the babies had their blessings at church. It was such a wonderful, spiritual experience. It re-confirmed how much Heavenly Father loves us and how he really does know each of us personally; how he knows my little patient Lily and brave little Liam. Of course, getting cute photos of the both of them is nearly impossible. My favourite is the one where Lily has spat up all over her beautiful dress. FYI: Liam had actually peed all over his somehow so he wasn't a happy camper either. Ah, someday we will have decent photos of them both.

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Sara G said...

They are both so precious, your posts always make me tear up. Pictures of newborn twins just make me so emotional--where did the last year go??? Anyway, you are doing great and way to venture out of the house, that's way more than I had the energy to do. SOOO CUTE!