Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Eve with the Dinosaurs

...and no, I'm not talking about Paul's parents (ha ha). We went to the Museum of Ancient Life and had a great day together. After the museum, we ate at Carl's Jr. and Abby was happily playing on the jungle gym until she reached the top and realized she didn't know how to get down so she did what any respectable 3 year old would do in that situation: she peed her pants. That was fun. When I told the employees what had happened, they just stared at me blankly like I should tell them what to do. Well, seeing as I'm not under 48 inches and I wasn't allowed by Carl's Jr. Jungle Gym law to go up there myself, I did not feel guilty one little bit for letting them figure it out (midgets? child labour? I still don't know their policy... maybe it's the ever popular, "let it dry and hope no one complains" method... scary) After we stripped her down and let her eat her dinner in her wet undies, we went to Kohl's and got her some new clothes... and took the fam to Cabela's and some more shopping... In Paul's family, they like to give little New Year's gifts... that's a tradition in which I'll be HAPPY to participate!!!

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jeri said...

In complete violation of Carl's Jr. Law, I have climbed around inside their giant hamster-maze tunnels a million times. Parker refuses to be left out when Darcy climbs up to play and he's too short to climb the steps, so I end up sitting halfway up the steps, eating chicken nuggets, helping him each time he comes around. The downside is that I then have to assist 27 other small children with the steps as well. The upside is that it's a good arm workout, and Darcy knows that I can track her down and always comes down when we tell her.